Flexible and Short Term Deployments

In the North area we have a number of flexible deployments.

Short term deployments are limited to a maximum period of one month and are available in response to emerging issues or one-off / short term events where the expected change in traffic behaviour has raised concerns.

Flexible deployments are limited to a maximum period of three months and are available to support improving driver behaviour and speed limit compliance in high footfall areas where active travel could be encouraged by lower speeds.


Provost Fraser Drive, Aberdeen - Commenced w.c 8/2/21, for review w.c 3/5/21.

Coast Road, Aberdeen -commenced w.c 15/2/21 for review w.c 10/5/21.

Gillburn Road, Dundee -commenced w.c 17/8/20,for review w.c 9/11/20, speed survey requested. 
A836 Ardgay -commenced w.c 7/9/20 for review w.c 30/11/20, speed survey requested.
King's Drive, Arbroath -commencing w.c 12/10/20 for review w.c 04/01/21, speed survey requested.