Safety Cameras Scotland

Safety Cameras Scotland is the collective name for the North, East and West Safety Camera Units. We work together with the Scottish Safety Camera Programme and Police Scotland  in operating speed and red-light cameras across Scotland. We are grant funded by the Scottish Government through the Scottish Safety Camera Programme and operate in accordance with the Programme Handbook. Safety cameras are there to make our roads safer, not to make money. The Safety Camera Units, Police Scotland and the Scottish Government do not receive any revenue from speeding or red-light fines; all fines resulting from offences detected by safety cameras are returned to HM Treasury.

Every death and serious injury on the roads is one too many. Through targeted camera enforcement and improving driver behaviour, our aim is to contribute to Scotland’s road safety vision and road safety targets by encouraging road users to think about their speed and to deter people from going over the speed limit or running a red-light.

On this website you will find the locations of our cameras, information about us, and guidance on what to do if you have received correspondence regarding a speeding or red-light offence.

News / Updates

  • average speed camera

    A90 casualty reduction - average speed cameras to be introduced

    Transport Minister Humza Yousaf today announced plans to improve safety on the A90, with average speed cameras to be installed between Dundee and Stonehaven.

    The system will go-live in the Autumn, re…

  • Additional Camera Sites Being Introduced

    The Scottish Safety Camera Programme has recently undertaken a national site selection exercise to identify locations on Scotland’s road network where safety cameras can be deployed to have the greate…

  • average speed camera

    A90 Charleston Average Speed Cameras 'Go Live'

    The average speed cameras which have been installed on the A90 at Charleston will be operational from today, Wednesday 25 January 2017, as part of the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route/Balmedie to Tip…

  • New HADECS3 Camera Testing on M90 near Kirkliston

    The Forth Replacement Crossing (FRC) project will create a 13.7 mile (22km) ‘managed motorway’ by using an Intelligent Transport System (ITS) to help regulate the flow of traffic approaching and cross…

  • Team Tasker with Safety Camera Unit and Police Scotland

    Team Tasker are 'Keeping It For The Track'

    The East Safety Camera Unit, Scottish Safety Camera Programme and Police Scotland have linked in with very successful Clackmannanshire motorcycle racing brother and sister duo “Team Tasker”. Scottish …